5 Kindergartens work in e-twinning projects together since 2005.

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This project got the European Quality Label --- Sept 2010 and is a NATIONAL WINNER in LATVIA: Oct 2010

is 4rth at the e-Twinning Prizes 2011 shortlist --- is a part of the Good Practices e-data by the Greek Ministry of Education

**One of best projects by the Greek etwinning**

Follow up: with this VIDEO got the 1rst European Prize at the Safer Internet Day 2012 competition


2009 - 2010
e-Safe acting:Using the Internet with safety, making right options and agreeing in common rules made with our pupils
http://safeacting.wikispaces.com http://safeact.ning.com/

2008 - 2009
IT’S UP 2 U:Video clay animations approaching of the eco-issues we face today
( **e-Twinning Prizes 2010**) (etwinning finalist of National Annual Award LV) (best project of the year 2009 LV)
http://eco4kids.edublogs.org/ http://itsup2u.wikispaces.com/

2007 - 2008
TRAVELLING WITH OUR E-STORY:The 9 partners create ONE οn - line story which will be the synthesis as much as many pupils ideas.
(1rst etwinning national Prize GR) ( Finalist at the Global Junior Challenge) (Spring DAY) ( Finalist in Austria )
http://bloggydoggy.edublogs.org/ http://travellingstory.wikispaces.com/

2006 - 2007
LE.DI.L.E.O:Learning from a Distance Learning from Each other Year.2
( e-learning awards Top100) (Study Visit)

2005 - 2006
LE.DI.L.E.O:Learning from a Distance Learning from Each other Year.1
http://jiportodemos.ccems.pt/ledileo/home1.htm ( 1rst etwinning national Prize GR)

Kindergarten of Porto de Mos -Portugal - Maria Jose Silva
Kindergarten of Launegg -Austria - Manuela Velecz
Kindergarten of Jules Ferry -France - Annette Charles
Kindergarten of Mezmalina -Latvia - Kristina Bernane
Kindergarten of Kaparelli- Greece - Anna Karidi Pirounaki