Short description: We learn through cross curricula ways how to use and behave on the Internet with safety, making right options and agreeing on common rules made up with pupils.
Age of Pupils: 4-6
Languages: English, German, French, Latvian, Portuguese, Greek

To set basic Safety rules among educators
To be aware parents about e-safety
To learn how to navigate having specific targets and use search engines
To learn how to behave on the Internet – netiquette
To create our Safe Rules, made up with pupils
To learn how to make our options and to develop critical skills
To self-evaluate our choices
To disseminate the good practices

Permission Form
Each pupil’s parent should sign a paper of permission stating that this pupil is allowed to use the Internet and his works and his picture can be published on it.


1rst term ( Sep-Oct-Nov)
  • Send and receive emails (Pupils exchange a class photo with their names)
  • We explore sites with pupils and we suggest a short list we like, saying why..
How to reload the page if all of the graphics didn't download
How to bookmark a site they like
How to go back to a site they've been to before
Show them what the hypertext words do

At least and no last we show them how to use the BACK button when something doesn’t look appropriate

  • Activities about navigation with sites for kids. How we search, what we care, where we focus.. Pupils choose a topic: eg: favorite national painter or whatever and make a short ppt uploading on Myplick (Navigate around the network find appropriate sites and bookmark them, combine information from different sources, use google images to find pictures, learn Copy and Paste)

2nd term ( Dec- Jan-Feb)
  • We make class safety rules using the ‘Box of Suggestions' ( Pupils discuss and suggest their own Rules for a safer Internet) we present them on a slideshow
  • Partners exchange the bookmarked sites and pupils choose those will help them to create safe presentations for a topic which will depend on what the rest partners have suggested with their proposed sites, using web 2.0 like Animoto, myplick etc. (it will be uploaded on the WIKI with pupils contribution)
  • We make a leaflet about e-safety with some images and some short text or a poster about Safer Internet
  • We do a research using a visual paper: How many of our pupils use at home mobiles with extra features e.g sms-mms-video-Internet etc)

3rd term ( Mar-Apr –May)
· We make a collaborative alphabet illustrated by the pupils keeping Safety Rules of Navigation (We divide letters of the English alphabet. We use as a source the Little Explorers and pupils choose one or more items they like to illustrate .. the whole alphabet will be uploaded on the Wiki with kids contribution…
for ‘technical reasons’ (Greekalphabet)
GR will pick the letters: A-K-N-O-T-M (have in common

· Through activities pupils be aware about PEGI and learn how to ‘read’ this
· We organize one-day open activities for Parents

  • Pupils..
  • can explain what the rules for on-line safety are
· to know how to make the right options when they use the Internet
· to develop critical thought combining basic Safety rules when they use new tools on the Internet
· to be creative in the usage and the dissemination of good e- practices